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Monday, 13 August 2012

Weekend Crafting :O) My kinda weekend.........

Hi ya

 Crafted my little socks off throughout the night Saturday, had such a brain wave going on. I have managed to get quite a bit more of my wooden letter stand done.
I have used the glossy accents as a glue. As I have heard from a few different places it will stick metal to metal, so from that I'm assuming it will stick metal to wood and wood to wood .................... so far it has as I have even manages to get it to stick the metal key into the metal lock............ relief !!!

Will add some pictures later today, but my daughters in my craft room at the moment so I cant get into do it.
So onwards and upwards we go. ..............................
Also went to a boot sale locally and picked up some goodies so I'll add a couple of piccys of the bits and bobs I bought later. Just need to get my house work done now so I'm free to craft this evening.

But like the rest of the UK, I was glued to the TV for the last two weeks dipping in and out of the Olympics, now I can get on again :O). 

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