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Saturday, 11 August 2012

So much I want to do !

Its Saturday 1pm and I've got several things I want to make rumbling though my mind,..................
Where do I start..........

Yesterday I had my 2nd session of acupuncture, so fingers crossed on that. Its a very weird if not macabre feeling sitting with needles popping out of you. But at least its completely pain free.. well sort of.

Still, back to today................ I need to get on with my steampunk cabinet, first I think as that's the one I have the most ideas rolling around on, so pictures will follow on that later today hopefully.
I have bought some lovely goodies from a company called Crafty-Emblies recently and they are so cool I cant wait to get using them.
Crafty-Emblies.com    ( wooden and MDF shapes and products to alter )
Update on above website : just been back and ordered more as new goodies on sale today, have ordered some bags of miss cuts too for use in steampunk projects! 

I posted my Captured Fairy yesterday, she flown to Ireland overnight I hope. cant wait to hear what the lady I sent her to thinks, as she was my first attempt. Great fun though.
I can add pictures once she has received her :O)

Still, I'm off to craft me thinks............... have a great days crafting one and all.  :O)        x

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