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Friday, 14 September 2012

More photos on my Altered Letter stand

 The Top hat ( made using a wedding box gift box)  is a small storage holder, with the same paper stack inside as the rest of the stand. That's the Graphic45 paper.

I made the paper into a small box and added a wooden crown with tiny stones on.
Then a round velvet clothed Tarot reading table and the animal cage from wooden match sticks.

View  of the full stand.

Crafty-Emblies.com for the wooden and MDF embelishments, www.Crafty-Emblies.org

This clock is one of my favourite parts of the stand.

I liked the little tarot table and made a small crystal ball.

The charm hanging from the top could be unlinked and worn

 Crafty-Emblies used down both sides of letter stand.

Graphic45 papers for back of stand.
 Such a sweet little spider at the bottom.

Fantastic, loved making this one.............

September Update

Hi All

 Well August was a busy time, I joined The UK & Ireland Swap Group on Facebook.
I entered Three swaps.   The first was an ATC swap, I had never made them before but had great fun learning, all about them and then making them  I had to make 10 ATCs all the same, you then post them to the person holding the swap. Who then collects them all in and distributes them back out to everyone.
 They were all very beautiful I have to say, so many different styles of crafting too.
I will add a picture on here, but I havent taken them yet.................................. Great fun!

There is a youtube video on all the UK-IrelandCraftswwaps, if not by myself, there will be one by one of the other members...........

Then the second swap was the Captured Faerie........... as can be seen below. I have enjoyed this one so much I have started making them for other people too. Again there is a video on my Youtube on both the faerie's I have made.

The third swap was ATCs again but this time with a Halloween theme, one of my favourite times of the year...My New Year. These are yet to arrive in the post but Ia m  looking forward to seeing what everyone has made.

I have made a video of my Halloween ATCs  on youtube ...

This is the faerie  for me

Faerie in Jar   This was a lovely thing to make .

My Victorian print of a pandering Faerie, sitting on her Velvet mushroom.

This is glass paint dripped doen the inside of the glass, I suggest you do this in a very well ventilated area.

Cosmic Shimmer Glue used down sides of jarin dots.

. Check out UK & Ireland Craft Swaps on Facebook to see more on this group.

Cards I've just made...........

Two cards Ive made in September 2012......

  These cards are on my Youtube in more detail...............