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Friday, 14 September 2012

More photos on my Altered Letter stand

 The Top hat ( made using a wedding box gift box)  is a small storage holder, with the same paper stack inside as the rest of the stand. That's the Graphic45 paper.

I made the paper into a small box and added a wooden crown with tiny stones on.
Then a round velvet clothed Tarot reading table and the animal cage from wooden match sticks.

View  of the full stand.

Crafty-Emblies.com for the wooden and MDF embelishments, www.Crafty-Emblies.org

This clock is one of my favourite parts of the stand.

I liked the little tarot table and made a small crystal ball.

The charm hanging from the top could be unlinked and worn

 Crafty-Emblies used down both sides of letter stand.

Graphic45 papers for back of stand.
 Such a sweet little spider at the bottom.

Fantastic, loved making this one.............


  1. All of your stuff is FANTASTIC!! Truly love this little steampunk cabinet!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I was quite pleased with the way this came out. I just love old things and making use of old things too. Thank you for your kind comment. Juli