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I love to craft. I've been crafting in one form or another all my life and never tire of learning new skills or updating old ones. I learn something new everyday and can never find enough free hours in my day to do all the things I'd like to. I'm new to Blogging but hope to get better at it as we go along............any hints or tips would be most welcome.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I love these images....stamps from Graphic45

A few cards using Graphic45 images from stamps and Promarkers with Glossy Accents .............

I think they make such sweet cards :O)

Card for My Mother In Law..........

These images I drew and coloured with Promarkers
The backing paper was my design using Craft Artist program

I added lace and tiny pearls to the joining edge of the papers

 I have to admit, I was very pleased with the colours of this jacket and dress
 This is one of my favourite images of mine.
 Before sending the card I added two beautiful large pearl hat pins coming up
 from the hand made flowers.  I'm pleased to say, she like it very much.

Sneaky peek of my Captured Fairy Swap..........

Just thought I'd give a sneaky peek of the Captured Fairy I have sent to my partner in the swap.
I'll add some more once she has received it :O)

I have seen one Fairy she has made on Youtube and its beautiful. I cant wait to receive mine :O)

This Fairy is now on my Youtube.....a full video, the link is on the right hand side of this page.

Been a while, but I have been very busy.............

Well, I've been up to allsorts.............

Picture below show finished Graphic45 Letter Stand. I am really pleased with the way its turned out ...
To see more on this follow my link to the right, that takes you to my Youtube site. I've made a video on the finished item and another one on its construction.
Great fun, so much so I am ready to start on a new idea, using the Graphic45 papers.

I can feel a Halloween one coming along I think.!

I have also been making ATCs for the craft swap I have recently joined. That's the UK and Ireland Craft Swap on Facebook. So far I've joined in 2 sets of ATCs and also a Captured Fairy swap.
More pictures of each of these below and Videos on Youtube. They are all very friendly and  talented ladies, I love it.

More to come if I get time tomorrow, as |Im supposed to be organising my trip to Ireland ..................... uploading to Youtube at the moment........ poor pc!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Weekend Crafting :O) My kinda weekend.........

Hi ya

 Crafted my little socks off throughout the night Saturday, had such a brain wave going on. I have managed to get quite a bit more of my wooden letter stand done.
I have used the glossy accents as a glue. As I have heard from a few different places it will stick metal to metal, so from that I'm assuming it will stick metal to wood and wood to wood .................... so far it has as I have even manages to get it to stick the metal key into the metal lock............ relief !!!

Will add some pictures later today, but my daughters in my craft room at the moment so I cant get into do it.
So onwards and upwards we go. ..............................
Also went to a boot sale locally and picked up some goodies so I'll add a couple of piccys of the bits and bobs I bought later. Just need to get my house work done now so I'm free to craft this evening.

But like the rest of the UK, I was glued to the TV for the last two weeks dipping in and out of the Olympics, now I can get on again :O). 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

So much I want to do !

Its Saturday 1pm and I've got several things I want to make rumbling though my mind,..................
Where do I start..........

Yesterday I had my 2nd session of acupuncture, so fingers crossed on that. Its a very weird if not macabre feeling sitting with needles popping out of you. But at least its completely pain free.. well sort of.

Still, back to today................ I need to get on with my steampunk cabinet, first I think as that's the one I have the most ideas rolling around on, so pictures will follow on that later today hopefully.
I have bought some lovely goodies from a company called Crafty-Emblies recently and they are so cool I cant wait to get using them.
Crafty-Emblies.com    ( wooden and MDF shapes and products to alter )
Update on above website : just been back and ordered more as new goodies on sale today, have ordered some bags of miss cuts too for use in steampunk projects! 

I posted my Captured Fairy yesterday, she flown to Ireland overnight I hope. cant wait to hear what the lady I sent her to thinks, as she was my first attempt. Great fun though.
I can add pictures once she has received her :O)

Still, I'm off to craft me thinks............... have a great days crafting one and all.  :O)        x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

I have joined a couple of swaps

Hi all...

I have recently joined the UK & Ireland Craft Swaps on Facebook. They are a bunch of very talented and friendly crafters that organise swaps and have videos on youtube. I have watched a few of the ladies work on youtube and have learnt some great tips and been very inspired too.

Crafting people are so friendly and love to be inspired by other crafters.............. I love it :O)

I have just posted off my first ever set of ATCs so I hope they are OK. I will add a picture of my ATC and the ones I receive as soon as I have them. I cant wait, I have really enjoyed making them.

I have also joined a Captured Fairy in a jar swap. I have made my fairy and she is ready to be popped in the post. this was brilliant, I have started to make another one for me and one for my daughter as she loved the first one I made to swap.

Again I will add pictures once the swaps have taken place.  I really cant wait to see all the different creations.

Hopefully I will do some more with the craft swappers very soon, I think it may be addictive :O)

Have a great day.................. x

New Youtube videos added through the night.

Morning All

 I have been adding new videos during the night. They are not crafting videos but they are a two part video on the most amazing 3 hours I spent watching and talking too or at lol the seals at a beach in Waxham, Norfolk. I was the only person on the beach as far as the eye could see in either direction. It was so amazing.

I had my camera and my mobile phone and got as much footage as I could, but even this is nothing compared to the amazing feeling of being alone and able to watch the beautiful face seals, we are so lucky, mother nature has done a fantastic job in such a  wonderful way.

The camping was brilliant, we were on a huge campsite which has no load arcades or noisy machines or shops. There was a small camp shop. But it was so peaceful and camping in a more relaxed way. The week we stayed there was only approx 6 or 7 other families staying on our huge field which backed onto the dunes............ Excellent.
If you have 10 mins to spare please check out my videos :O)

There is a link to my youtube here.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Scrap Boglin...............................

Hi All  :O)

 I have made a scrap boggling at the local scrap store, he had to be made of bits from the scrap store only, luckily they have such a variety of thing for us to choose from, this was a great little challenge. Great fun as usual.

Our local scrap store has a huge warehouse of goodies donated from local companies, plus they do a regular scrap swap with other scrap store to get an even bigger variety of things. There are plastic bottles - shapes - containers and all sorts of other material, paper and card............... so many yummy things to play with.
I started going to our scrap store when I was running our local playschool many many moons ago.
then I joined again when I started Home Educating my Daughter in her teens.

After this I have always stayed a member, as I have never stopped crafting and my daughter loves to go and collect up bits and bobs with me and also crafts.

Here is my Scrap Boggling......

Such fun, just using a couple of paper clips a wine tap and a few plastic cogs and air dry clay.

Hi Ya

 July has been a very busy month, I have been busy nearly all the time.....
I have managed a few great crafty moments, great in as much as I have loved every minute of them.

I have managed to find an old wooden letter stand, at a local charity shop, it has an old penny on the top and was made of pine.

I cleaned it all up and painted it gold. then I painted it crackle medium followed by black board paint.
I used my heat gun all over then rubbed some of the areas I wanted to look worn.
So far I am quite pleased with the outcome.

My plan is to make a steam punk themed letter holder.............. so have just ordered some great wooden steam punk pipes and cogs from a great new web shop............. I will find the name and add it as soon as I can, more to follow..................................

Photo quality is a bit iffy as taken with my mobile and I have no flash on this phone.
I will up date them with better ones when I can :O)