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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Scrap Boglin...............................

Hi All  :O)

 I have made a scrap boggling at the local scrap store, he had to be made of bits from the scrap store only, luckily they have such a variety of thing for us to choose from, this was a great little challenge. Great fun as usual.

Our local scrap store has a huge warehouse of goodies donated from local companies, plus they do a regular scrap swap with other scrap store to get an even bigger variety of things. There are plastic bottles - shapes - containers and all sorts of other material, paper and card............... so many yummy things to play with.
I started going to our scrap store when I was running our local playschool many many moons ago.
then I joined again when I started Home Educating my Daughter in her teens.

After this I have always stayed a member, as I have never stopped crafting and my daughter loves to go and collect up bits and bobs with me and also crafts.

Here is my Scrap Boggling......

Such fun, just using a couple of paper clips a wine tap and a few plastic cogs and air dry clay.

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