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I love to craft. I've been crafting in one form or another all my life and never tire of learning new skills or updating old ones. I learn something new everyday and can never find enough free hours in my day to do all the things I'd like to. I'm new to Blogging but hope to get better at it as we go along............any hints or tips would be most welcome.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday 24th August 2015

I can not believe how long its been since I last wrote on my blog. Its been a particularly long and hard past year, I will be so pleased when I am able to sit and craft in my room with no worries or distraction going on in my head. 

Ive looked after my Father both in Hospital and at home and watched him gently pass in to spirit amongst all his children, the way he wished to, at home. Very hard to do mentally but so worth it for my  dad as that's all he asked of us.

But now I'm left unable to sleep more than a couple of hours a night if that, so I'm feeling worn out. But things are improving, I'm happy with where my dear old Daddy is as I believe he is Walking in Spirit with my Mum, his one and only love.

I have started to tidy up my craft room, and we all know that's a long and hard to do process but a very very much needed one.

I have too many types of crafting going on in one small room. So I need to see what I really do want to do and just move the rest on. Its been a long job so far but I know Ill get there soon.

My Mother in Law has said she will help me with my sewing machine, I can sticth on it and have made curtains pillowcases and even a quilt cover along with little dresses and bits and bobs for my children but I need to start using patterns and this is where Margaret comes into play, as shes been an amazing seamstress most of her adult life, right now I need to hurry with that room so i can get some lessons going , bless her shes a lovely lady to do this for me.

Still I have done a few swaps and made a few cards, which I've usually left until the last minute. But still that's keeping my hand in, mind you I don't think as a crafter we ever really stop, we are usually doing some form of craft along the way.

I will pop through and see if I have any makes I can add, as I really like using this blog as a sort of diary of my crafting....

Back soon, have a wonderful Love filled day xxx




Wednesday, 4 December 2013

From January to December in a whirlwind.................

1st December 2013

Oh my its all gone so fast, yet again I haven't blogged in ages. I have been crafting but not as much as last year, as so many other personal matters have been raising there heads - or biting my bum in other words.

Still life goes on and we have to look for some sunshine in something. Mine as always lays firmly with my family and my crafting.

I have made a few things this year which I have been really proud of, I will add the below.
I hope you like them as much as I loved making them :O) Juli X

                       My stamp that cost my very little from eBay..............I think its beautiful.

January 2013    A Wonderful Prise I received from Judy owner of Crafty Emblies  ( No longer exists)

January 27th 2013   A Prise I received for Making A Christmas Advent Calender
                                  From Debbie in the UK-Irelandcraftswaps Group, beautiful
                                  It made my day .


Making Flowers with my Kitty
 This is a lovely Video of my Kitty helping me out making flowers.

August 2013

Tags in a Tin Swap
as part of the Facebook Group UK-Irelandcraftswaps

 Using Graphic45 of course
 The Curiosity Shoppe

I have a Youtube video of this project showing all its Tags too:


My Swap Partners Altered Tin 
So Beautiful :O) X

Much much more on my you tube, I really must remember to pop a photo on here as well ...lol
Catch you son......X

Thursday, 17 January 2013

OH dear its been such a long time....................

Its been ages but at least I can add the link to my new video and I have a few pictures too..

This is one of two Christmas Past Smash Books  I have made, they were for my Sisters as Christmas gifts. I wanted them to be books to remember all the wonderful things Christmas has been and will be for them. I know I have many many happy memories of Christmas's with the whole of my family and I do mean many memories. Full of laughter excitement, companionship and just plane old fashioned fun and laughter. I hoped they would like them, and I am so pleased to say that the one Sister that has received hers has been so excited and pleased with it. She has shown it to many friends and colleagues who also a amazed by it. I am so pleased as they were really made with love..........

Youtube: http://youtu.be/WNbRPRqL8tg

I made the boxes for each book to go into,
this is something I haven't done before I have made bog standard shaped boxes but never a
made to measure box, I have to admit to being quite chuffed with myself.

The beautiful star shaped cloth and diamante
tags were such a lucky find, they have quite some weight to them. I thought they were beautiful.

These beautiful flowers were gifted to me in an order with Fiona Jennings, a  very talented lady in the craft world.Look her up on YouTube    Jennings644
 I have glittered them slightly using the glittered modge podge.

The wooden embellishments and the smash book itself came  from Crafty-Emblies.org, ( so many lovely MDF and Wooden bits to be found here )  these two were slightly glittered using the Modge podge. There are three pieces here layered up. A large dress form with wings and  a Victoria lady, where I removed the dress sleeves and then added the heart with wings to the top this was then Glossy Accented.

This show the wooden pieces used
 and there build up.

    A very well earned cup of coffee amongst
    the paper and glue. Such a lot of glue, but so well worth it !

Building up and making the Angel  appear.

I have made the pages inside using old Victorian images and took them into my Craft Artist programme where I made my pages.

Only the MDF pages were covered in the papers I had designed and then modge podged all the other papers were  printed sheets for journalling onto.

The ribbons were Tartan, Christmas Berrys and Vintage Victorian Lace, also a gold Star thread was added to the loops at the side.

I so enjoyed making these and definitely need one for me now ............... 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Advent Calender Entry for the UK-Irelandcraftswaps on Facebook. 

This was something different for me, I don't like measuring in any way shape or form, I just cant stand fiddling about and  being just so. My crafting is what it is.........but saying that I totally enjoyed making this and I know I will be doing things along the same lines very soon. !

There are some other very clever and beautiful Advent Calenders being entered and I truly wish them all the best of luck too, fingers crossed for all of the beautiful things enterd. X

 I made a template, which my lovely Hubby had measured out for me. This was because this whole Advent Calender was being built up around the chocolates I had already bought to pop into it.. I know that's the wrong way around but they are just so pretty I had to have them for my Granddaughter X
 I made up the boxes, 25 in total, it took quite a few hours but was well worth it in the end and became quite a challenge at times.

The box pile grew and grew !

Then I added the side strips of my chosen Holly with Berry paper.
 Then I made the base and 3 other covered mounting board squares, big enough for my boxes to be layed in a 4 pattern.  I chose to have mine 1 side to the front + 1 front opening,  box on each side of my square.
But you can do it in any order that works for you.
 My papers are from Crafters Companion CD, quite an old one I believe. It has some lovely papers on it, sometimes its well worth looking through our old CD Rom's I think...........



Its started to make sense and I liked it x

So I added quite a few bells in Red, Blue, Gold and Green and 2 purple velour ribbons.

 The bells make the most fantastic Sleigh bell sound, so Christmassy .

The top box is to have something special popped in on Christmas eve, by Santa X
 All finished and I am so pleased with it. This truly was a challenge, Dyslexics and rulers are not two things that go together often, but this shows what can be achieved if you really want to do it. ( with a little help from my Hubby on the ruler front )

 These are the chocolates that the whole Advent calender was built around  ............................

I have a video of this on Youtube..


So many things to do so little time to do them in ......

I have had such a hectic time lately, well that's my excuse for adding to my blog :O)   ...........

I have been in several swaps and started, but not finished changing my Crafttroom around and having a major clear out.
All was going so well, except for my legs not letting me do it for more than an hour at a time, but still Hey Ho.....onwards and upwards and even beyond...
Some pictures of my craftroom during and a couple of how it is mid way to finished........... 

   My faithful friend helping in the background !

My spare room is pretty unusable !

Loved this picture, Ginga jumped down just  as I took it .

 *      *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *      *
 Starting to see a shape appearing now!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Its 5th Ocober, I've been so busy !

Well, what a month I've had through out September. All sorts of things happening.

I have made a Mini Christmas Album, for a lovely Lady on the UK & Ireland Craft Swaps page, on Facebook. I have also made another set of ATC and that brings my total to 3 sets. They are quite a challenge, especially when you have 17 to make lol.
I am just finishing the Halloween Mini I have been making for another craft swap, and this is after finishing a 6x6 Christmas Card swap on the same group..... all such lovely and talented crafters. If you haven't seen the group, please go along check them out and join in the fun. :O)

All the pictures of my handy work will follow. I have naturally added any videos on my youtube too. I have a parcel next to me as I am writing this and to be honest I am bursting to open it........... but I have said I will video it so must be controlled. !!!!

So here are some pictures of crafts through out September......

 More to come on this Christmas Mini......................

My Christmas Card 6x6 Swap.

Made using Craft Artist program and Autumn Fairy Digi kit.....

ATCs to follow............................................
Please check out my youtube.... http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBlackbutterfly62

Friday, 14 September 2012

More photos on my Altered Letter stand

 The Top hat ( made using a wedding box gift box)  is a small storage holder, with the same paper stack inside as the rest of the stand. That's the Graphic45 paper.

I made the paper into a small box and added a wooden crown with tiny stones on.
Then a round velvet clothed Tarot reading table and the animal cage from wooden match sticks.

View  of the full stand.

Crafty-Emblies.com for the wooden and MDF embelishments, www.Crafty-Emblies.org

This clock is one of my favourite parts of the stand.

I liked the little tarot table and made a small crystal ball.

The charm hanging from the top could be unlinked and worn

 Crafty-Emblies used down both sides of letter stand.

Graphic45 papers for back of stand.
 Such a sweet little spider at the bottom.

Fantastic, loved making this one.............

September Update

Hi All

 Well August was a busy time, I joined The UK & Ireland Swap Group on Facebook.
I entered Three swaps.   The first was an ATC swap, I had never made them before but had great fun learning, all about them and then making them  I had to make 10 ATCs all the same, you then post them to the person holding the swap. Who then collects them all in and distributes them back out to everyone.
 They were all very beautiful I have to say, so many different styles of crafting too.
I will add a picture on here, but I havent taken them yet.................................. Great fun!

There is a youtube video on all the UK-IrelandCraftswwaps, if not by myself, there will be one by one of the other members...........

Then the second swap was the Captured Faerie........... as can be seen below. I have enjoyed this one so much I have started making them for other people too. Again there is a video on my Youtube on both the faerie's I have made.

The third swap was ATCs again but this time with a Halloween theme, one of my favourite times of the year...My New Year. These are yet to arrive in the post but Ia m  looking forward to seeing what everyone has made.

I have made a video of my Halloween ATCs  on youtube ...

This is the faerie  for me

Faerie in Jar   This was a lovely thing to make .

My Victorian print of a pandering Faerie, sitting on her Velvet mushroom.

This is glass paint dripped doen the inside of the glass, I suggest you do this in a very well ventilated area.

Cosmic Shimmer Glue used down sides of jarin dots.

. Check out UK & Ireland Craft Swaps on Facebook to see more on this group.