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Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Advent Calender Entry for the UK-Irelandcraftswaps on Facebook. 

This was something different for me, I don't like measuring in any way shape or form, I just cant stand fiddling about and  being just so. My crafting is what it is.........but saying that I totally enjoyed making this and I know I will be doing things along the same lines very soon. !

There are some other very clever and beautiful Advent Calenders being entered and I truly wish them all the best of luck too, fingers crossed for all of the beautiful things enterd. X

 I made a template, which my lovely Hubby had measured out for me. This was because this whole Advent Calender was being built up around the chocolates I had already bought to pop into it.. I know that's the wrong way around but they are just so pretty I had to have them for my Granddaughter X
 I made up the boxes, 25 in total, it took quite a few hours but was well worth it in the end and became quite a challenge at times.

The box pile grew and grew !

Then I added the side strips of my chosen Holly with Berry paper.
 Then I made the base and 3 other covered mounting board squares, big enough for my boxes to be layed in a 4 pattern.  I chose to have mine 1 side to the front + 1 front opening,  box on each side of my square.
But you can do it in any order that works for you.
 My papers are from Crafters Companion CD, quite an old one I believe. It has some lovely papers on it, sometimes its well worth looking through our old CD Rom's I think...........



Its started to make sense and I liked it x

So I added quite a few bells in Red, Blue, Gold and Green and 2 purple velour ribbons.

 The bells make the most fantastic Sleigh bell sound, so Christmassy .

The top box is to have something special popped in on Christmas eve, by Santa X
 All finished and I am so pleased with it. This truly was a challenge, Dyslexics and rulers are not two things that go together often, but this shows what can be achieved if you really want to do it. ( with a little help from my Hubby on the ruler front )

 These are the chocolates that the whole Advent calender was built around  ............................

I have a video of this on Youtube..


So many things to do so little time to do them in ......

I have had such a hectic time lately, well that's my excuse for adding to my blog :O)   ...........

I have been in several swaps and started, but not finished changing my Crafttroom around and having a major clear out.
All was going so well, except for my legs not letting me do it for more than an hour at a time, but still Hey Ho.....onwards and upwards and even beyond...
Some pictures of my craftroom during and a couple of how it is mid way to finished........... 

   My faithful friend helping in the background !

My spare room is pretty unusable !

Loved this picture, Ginga jumped down just  as I took it .

 *      *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *      *
 Starting to see a shape appearing now!