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Sunday, 22 April 2012

New Craft - Rag Rugging

Wow........ I have been and learnt a new craft !

This weekend I had the greatest time, I went along with my Sister and her friend to a class on traditional Rag Rugging.
Not only was the class full of fun and chatter, Hazel the lovely lady tutoring us was such a talented person.
She makes the most beautiful Rag Rugs, on board her canal barge. They are stunning.
We had three hours, well just over actually. where Hazel taught us from the first steps right through to planning, preparing and starting our own rugs.
Its amazing to sit and craft the same way that people were crafting out of necessity hundreds of years ago.
Such a  beautiful and practical craft.
I have started my rag rug in the design of a moon gazing hair and cant wait to start again today.
Its a great craft and for me especially as I need a craft where I can sit with my leg up as I have a problem with my circulation in one leg. This will allow me to craft in those frustrating times when I'm forced to spend time on the chair resting my leg.
Totally love this new craft and as soon as I have finished my first project I will pop a picture .

Happy Crafting all .................... :O)

Rag Rugging Tools

A fab present from my Sister :O)

Getting there, its so thick and very soft, I used T shirt cut into strips

Back view of my
Moon Gazing Hare

final photo to follow..............................................................

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