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Monday, 12 December 2011

Craft Fayre Went Well

Hi All

 Did my first real Craft Fayre on Saturday of last week. It seemed to go well, I have to admit all the lovely compliments have encouraged me greatly. Now its time to concentrate on getting decorated and sorted out around the house for Christmas. Lots to catch up with as I have given lots of time to getting everything made for the fayre. Looks like the next one will be around Easter. Unless I hear of any others locally before.

I have seen some very inspiring videos on You Tube of late. My old heads a whirl with ideas I want to get started on. Must remember to finish some of the projects I have already started first.

Will add some pictures of my stall later today I hope. all still a bit unsure of how to work my way around this blogging at the moment. But Hey-Ho I'll get there.

catch ya later :O)

Pictures of My Stall

Sorry about picture quality, I forgot to take my camera and my phone has no flash :O)

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